Madeleine Malmsten

5814 days of coding

The HSB Living Lab Sensor Data System
December 2016

Project developed at Chalmers University of Technology, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Building Technology

I’m responsible for the architecture and development of a system that should consistently receive and store data from the approximately 2000 sensors located in the HSB Living Lab. The system should also provide the data in a user-friendly way to the researchers subsequently as well as in real-time.

Since the aim is that this system will be storing sensor data for about ten years, it’s developed in a way that enables future development and invites to further research within big data handling and data analysis.

HSB Living Lab is a research and collaboration project between Chalmers, Johanneberg Science Park, and HSB, together with some associated partners. As well as providing residential accommodation, the building will serve as a laboratory for the researchers − a living laboratory.

My responsibilities:

  • Storage of big data
  • Encryption of sensitive personal data
  • A REST API to provide big data to researchers in a user-friendly way
  • A real time REST API
  • Programming – from server configurations to front-end

Made with...

Big Data Erlang Hadoop Hbase M2M Software Development Sqoop SWI Prolog

I took care of...

Back-end Front-end & UX/ UI Requirements Engineering System Architecture